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Tim Laman & Ed Scholes

(2013/2014 Lectures)

Sun, Oct 6
3:00 PM

Photographer Tim Laman
and Ornithologist Ed Scholes
Birds of Paradise: Extreme, Bizarre, Extraordinary

“The courtship display of a bird of paradise is totally ordinary in his world but truly bizarre in ours.” – Tim Laman

Tim Laman, a renowned photographer and forest canopy researcher, and ornithologist Ed Scholes, recently published a major National Geographic book, Birds of Paradise Revealed, taking us deep into New Guinea to observe these astonishing avian creatures. Evolved to attract mates with their extraordinarily colorful feathers, which they display in dances executed with ballerina-like grace, these birds are a living laboratory of evolution. Meet all 39 species and enjoy their secret lives, bizarre displays, and dazzling courtship antics in breathtaking visuals.

Books will be available for purchase and signing

Available on the National Geographic Live series. Not available on Create Your Own series.

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