Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is a family favourite. 

It’s recognized for its world-class animal care and habitat design practices, and it’s home to almost 1,000 creatures, across 119 species. No wonder one-third of Calgarians visit yearly, and more than 97,000 have annual memberships. 

The Challenge

Implement a brand new website. 

Using user data, we created a full suite of online services to emphasize the zoo’s mission: to educate and inspire its new and returning visitors.

To keep members returning every year, the site needed to ensure members spend less time figuring out online functionalities, and more time enjoying the zoo with family and friends. 

Automation and agency was key.

Project Services

The Solution

1. An online account module was implemented to give members control over their memberships, and automate renewals. This streamlined solution integrates Tessitura with the CMS so access control is automatically defined, and discounts and offers are also automatically applied. 

2. To control crowds, and ensure a smooth experience for staff and visitors alike, high-volume events held at the Zoo, like “Hello Pandas,” needed custom functionalities for daily admissions and timed ticket entry. 

3. Self-service Education Programs, Kids Camps and Special Events

4. Select Your Own Seat functionality is essential. Visitors want to make their own choice. We provided this option for a variety of spaces, adapting seat maps and selection processes to suit outdoor spaces, event spaces and dining rooms. 


The Outcome

Members have control over their own accounts, resulting in easy maintenance for staff and happy visitors.

The ticketing functionalities mean enough structure to adhere to any protocols that may change on a moment's notice, while allowing visitors to still choose their own experience. 

In the world of project management, rarely do things go as expected nor without hiccups ... That “rare” actually happened.

Smooth negotiation, smooth delivery, smooth product.

Big thanks to the Jixaw team.

Philip B. Nelson
General Manager - Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts