Eisemann Center

The Charles W. Eisemann Centre for Performing Arts & Corporate Presentations is a leading performing arts facility. It's an important component of the cultural and corporate landscape in North Texas.

The Eisemann Center received critical acclaim for the events put on here, and also for the facility's design itself. 

The Challenge

Live up to these high expectations with a full redesign of their website. 

The challenges of the pandemic, coupled with ambitious goals, resulted in major customizations.

Nothing our team couldn't handle. 

Project Services

The Solution

We overhauled the underlying code, and implemented a stunning, responsive site.

The pandemic changed the way we not only experience events, but also how we buy tickets for them. 

Automated social-distance seating was a must, to adhere to  protocols. Self-managed video streaming was also developed to reach audiences online. Whether they're using a computer, phone or tablet.

The Jixaw CMS solution integrates Tessitura with Third-Party sales, allows for custom performance displays and provides an easy solution for subscription add-ons.

The Outcome

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In the world of project management, rarely do things go as expected nor without hiccups ... That “rare” actually happened.

Smooth negotiation, smooth delivery, smooth product.

Big thanks to the Jixaw team.

Philip B. Nelson
General Manager - Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts